Welcome to Creative Detourism

Creative Detourism is built based on the need that Peer Supporters should have a network to connect to resources, guides and support systems to help them engage their talents and further their goals.

The field of peer support is changing and evolving more rapidly than ever – and this is exciting. Rapid evolution of change is the essence of peer support, it fuels passion and ignites the desire to stay resilient.

We believe in the connections of Exposure, Empowerment, Expectations and Experience.

If you can harness these 4 powers you can conquer the world.

5 thoughts on “Welcome to Creative Detourism

  1. I am so excited about this! It’s about time we have somthing out there just for us peer support workers to help guide us in finding our true potential!!

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  2. Glad to see so many different efforts and resources for us peer support specialist. Hopefully we can pull together so we can be as strong as we can in a large cohesive group.

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  3. I really love this page. It is so unique and colorful. I am really excited take this journey with all of you. I am an inpatient peer support, I am the only one at this hospital so I am thrilled to have a place where I could possible talk to other peer supporters. Thank You Virginia this is amazing.

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